From north to south, historical, cultural and geographical differences combine to produce a wide variety of dishes, all of which share the Vietnamese taste for intense flavours, fresh herbs, noodles and seafood.

Central Vietnamese cuisine combines moderation and balance (except when it comes to chilli!). The flavours are strong and spicy, such as brine shrimp sauce or spicy lemongrass.

In addition to the specialities already mentioned on our home page, and without restricting North/South influences, Hoi An is a showcase for traditional cuisine rooted in the ancestral know-how of Quang Nam. At the market, in the restaurant or in the flower-filled alleyways, the culinary temptations leave no respite for travellers enchanted by the fragrant scents. Banh khoai, Bun bo hue and Com hen are particularly popular here.

La Maison organizes for you


In the heart of the village’s organic gardens, you’ll cook the favourite dishes of Vietnamese cuisine alongside a chef who passionately teaches the basics of his country’s culinary art. Over the course of a few hours, you’ll be able to discover market produce, prepare and taste the dishes of your choice in a traditional setting (prices depend on the options chosen, between 3 and 4 hours, please contact us for prices).

La Maison’s advice – Choose dishes that you can easily make again and limit yourself to a light breakfast before the feast.

A street-food circuit

On an exotic stroll through the hems of Hoi An, you’ll try out Quang Nam street food alongside a renowned chef. With explanations on the history of the recipes, the choice of ingredients and how to prepare them, you’ll taste no less than 7 emblematic dishes in complete serenity (Duration 4 hours, please contact us for prices).

La Maison’s advice – Anticipate the food-tour with a healthy fast.

A gourmet table

When it comes to dining, the Hoi An region has no shortage of addresses, from the simplest places to the finest gourmet tables. La Maison d’Indochine is an epicurean… Always on the lookout for new discoveries, we’ll guide you to the spots and settings we’re particularly fond of.

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