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Située à 125 km environ au nord de Hoi An, Hué s’épanouit au bord de la rivière des Parfums. Capitale des empereurs NGuyen, elle abrite un ensemble architectural remarquable inscrit au patrimoine mondial de l’humanité par  l’Unesco.

Royal Citadel, Forbidden Purple City, Imperial Tombs

A visit to all the sites and, beyond that, the culinary experiences of Hué are well worth devoting two full days to.

Despite the devastating effects of war, the Citadel and Forbidden City reveal Vietnam’s royal heritage. Military architecture coupled with the splendor of an illuminated court where poetry reigned supreme, the site is immense. Pavilions and temples follow one another around ponds and courtyards, amid gardens of remarkable trees. Bronze porticoes, ornamental ceramics, teak-wood pavilions and courtyards with restored lacquerwork, furniture and precious objects, theater and library bear witness to the refinement and culture that presided over the lives of the elite. Beyond the most visited buildings, it’s well worth taking a step aside to savour the charm and calm of the area.

In the surrounding countryside, sumptuous royal tombs (notably those of kingsTu Duc and Minh Mang) and the beautiful Pagoda of the Celestial Lady complete the picture.


  • PREFER THE BEAUTIFUL COASTAL ROAD from Danang via the cloud pass (old Saigon / Hanoi road) to Hué.
  • TAKE TIME TO VISIT the UNESCO-listed complex: it’s vast and so rich…
  • DISCOVER HUE’S CULINARY SPECIALTIES in a scholar’s house inside the citadel: Y Thao Garden
  • ENJOY A COMFORTABLE BREAK at Pilgrimage Village
  • SEE the surrounding countryside