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An Bang Beach

Between contemplating turquoise waters and azure skies, the white sandy beach of An Bang is a delight. Adorned with beautiful coconut palms, it offers bathers clear, temperate water, ideal for relaxing with family or friends. Lined with bars and restaurants, it welcomes you for a day of outdoor activities in an idyllic setting.


  • In addition to the pleasures of beach games, An Bang offers a wide range of activities at attractive prices.
  • Thrill-seekers can try their hand at jet-skiing or parasailing.
  • Gourmets can try seafood: grilled calamari, clams with lemongrass and shellfish compete with traditional recipes.
  • For those who prefer a more leisurely pace, most bars and restaurants offer deckchairs for a comfortable siesta.


  • RESTAURANT: The Deck house is a chic, relaxing spot, perfect for a seaside lunch. Reasonable prices.
  • COFFEE: Located on An Bang beach, the Sound of Silence is a charming place that lives up to its name. Featuring an interior patio, it stretches out towards the beach to reach a terrace facing the sea. Extremely high-quality products are on offer: coffee, tea, pastries and generous fruit salads are an invitation to breakfast or brunch.
  • LISTEN TO MUSIC: head to Soul Kitchen for concerts and other musical events. It’s a trendy place, ideal for partying on the beach.