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The Precious Heritage Museum

In the mythical town of Hoi An, there’s a place not to be missed.Hidden beneath flowering foliage, the Precious Heritage Gallery Museum nestles within the walls of an old building, with its colonial fragrances and patina of ochre. This museum, initiated by photographer Réhahn, is a lively source of emotion for the solitary wanderer lost in times of health turbulence, whether from the intensity of the gazes of immense portraits, the density of the colors of finery or the telling of singular stories.

In this Elsewhere of Vietnam’s 54 ethnic groups, ancestral customs and exceptional encounters touch the visitor to the core, paying tribute to the quest of an artist who knows how to magnify inner beauty, difference and authenticity.

Le Musée Precious Heritage à Hoi An


Precious Heritage is a museum like no other. Located in the old French Quarter at 26 Phan Boi Chau Street (500m from the central market), it offers visitors an unprecedented cultural and photographic experience. Photographer Réhahn has devoted 9 years of research to this project, focusing on a precious memory to be captured without delay. Each room features costumes, large-format photos, objects, stories and traditional music.

Recognized beyond our borders, the artist’s work regularly attracts media attention. The BBC and the New York Times, for example, have written glowing articles about him, adding to the richness and identity of Hoi An.


From the M’Nong and Chams in the south, through the Kinh and O’dus to the Thais and H’Mongs in the north, over 54 ethnic groups are photographed in the course of the stories.

«I am infinitely grateful for all the love I have received in this country (…). This museum is the voice and mirror of the Vietnamese people, and it is to Vietnam that I dedicate it.» Réhahn.


The building is a Unesco World Heritage Site. It was built by the French in 1902. Less crowded than the rest of the old town, the French Quarter is well worth a visit, with its many vestiges of the French presence in Indochina.


Mornings are the best time of day: the museum is less crowded and temperatures are milder. You may be lucky enough to bump into Réhahn…

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Free admission

Access to the gallery-museum is free, according to the artist’s wishes: information is provided in French, English and Vietnamese.