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Street food

Beyond its priceless heritage, Hoi An is a showcase for traditional gastronomy rooted in Quang Nam’s ancestral know-how.

At the market, in the restaurant or in the flower-filled alleyways, culinary temptations leave no respite for the traveler bewitched by fragrant scents.


Cao Lâu

Typical of Hoi An, it’s a traditional dish of thick rice noodles, strips of glazed pork and herbs grown in Tra Que, all immersed in a fragrant broth.THE city’s specialty!


Originally from the city of Hué, just a few hours from Hoi An, banh xeo is a fried rice pancake with soy, meat and shrimp.Although surprising at first glance, this mixture is a real comfort at the end of a sportive day.

Com ga

A signature of Hoi An, com ga is a simple dish made with Vietnamese rice, chicken, fresh coriander and a homemade lemon sauce. You can’t leave Hoi An without trying the famous chicken rice…


Emblematic of Vietnam, this traditional soup made with rice noodles, meat, broth and herbs is a must-try in many regional and family variations. It’s all about the mystery of the broth, with its subtle spice flavours. Pho can be enjoyed at any time of day!


A Vietnamese noodle dish originating in Quang Nam province, Mi Quang is the most popular and widely recognized dish nationwide. Made with rice noodles, pork, shrimp, peanuts and rice crackers drizzled with a fragrant broth, Mi Quang is served on a variety of occasions, including family celebrations, commemorations of the dead and Tet holidays.

White rose

White roses are Vietnamese ravioli made from a translucent steamed rice paste. Filled with shrimp or pork, they are usually served with a spicy sauce. The delicate white flower-like appearance of this little ravioli led the French to give it the pretty name of “White Rose”, a culinary emblem of the city of Hoi An.