The « TONKIN » Suite

Opening onto the foliage of a garden level, the suite is placed under the sign of fertility, celebrating mother earth through the cultivation of coffee and kumquats from the banks of the Red River, whose light the photographer has made his own. On the first day of the lunar year, the kumquats shine like gold coins, bringing hope and health to the home. Coffee production, passed down from generation to generation, has sustained ethnic communities for over 100 years. The importance of Chinese culture in Tonkin and the refinement of Hanoi's elite are reflected in this suite's decor, with its mix of lacquerware, antiques, watercolors and literature.


The suite opens onto lush tropical vegetation, with views of calm waters and rice paddies emblematic of Vietnam. Réhahn's iconic photography brings a breath of mystery and poetry, a contrast of light sublimated by the neutral color of white. As the "Paris of the Extreme Orient", the emblematic Saigon dominates the decor. The influence of Khmer art, the wealth of the spice trade and colonial architecture mark its identity and sublimate the art of South Vietnam.


French-style breakfast
Permanent access to the rooftop and swimming pool