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TRA QUE and beyond...


Isolated in the middle of rice paddies, the village of Tra Qué is the vegetable garden of the city of Hoi An. Located halfway between the listed city and An Bang beach, its reputation is based on the diversity of its aromatic herbs, an essential ingredient in Vietnamese cuisine.

The small gardens surrounding La Maison d’Indochine are tended by an army of pointy hats, working from sunrise to sunset, watering cans, weathervanes and planters in hand. Sales get underway early for the central market, when it’s not the restaurateurs who come to buy directly or dispense their talent on the spot.

Beyond, landscapes of rice paddies and lotus-flowered marshes enchant the contemplative stroller. At all hours of the day, rural and animal scenes catch the photographer’s eye: harvest and ploughing, fishing and grazing, mighty water buffaloes and graceful egrets…



  • WALK through the gardens, at sunrise or sunset, to enjoy the scents and scenes of market gardening.
  • EXPERIENCE a traditional cooking class, right in the heart of the herb gardens
  • PRIVILEGE a stopover at a village café/restaurant to sample authentic, fragrant cuisine.