The « LAOS » Room

Facing a landscape of calm waters and rice paddies, the room is a vibrant tribute to ancestral know-how. In some Vietnamese towns, villagers have been making incense for centuries, joined by whole families at vacation time. Réhahn's majestic photograph evokes this tradition, combining the vibrant red of the incense sticks with the sculptural lines of the craftsman's hat. Resonating with the Indo-Khmer civilization of Laos, whose craftsmanship it celebrates, the room is a cozy cocoon from which you can hear the tidal bird and the chirping of the barnyard.

The « CAMBODGE » Room

The room's theme is water, and it offers a peaceful view over the basins of a nourishing river and the entrance pool. Two of Réhahn's photographs resonate with the density of the aquatic greens and the atmosphere of the place: one is taken on the way back from a rainy stroll through tranquil waters, the other on the bridge spanning the Thu Bon River linking the small island of Hoi An to its historic heart. In counterpoint, the majestic Mekong delivers its customs through objects of art from the ancient Khmer Empire, instilling an atmosphere of great tranquility in this room.

The « ANNAM » Roon

Opening onto the vegetable gardens of Tra Que, this room is an ode to the city of Hoi An. Like a signature, two of Réhahn's photographs pay homage to the women's work, against a backdrop of ochre cameos with a patina of age; as if oblivious to the beauty of the setting, they advance impassively and proudly under weighed-down palanches, balancing... Tinted with the pigments of the ancient city, the room is adorned with lanterns, ceramics and silks emblematic of Annam's great trading port, reflecting the cultural melting pot of its history.


French-style breakfast
Permanent access to the rooftop and swimming pool