Intimately linked to travel, the quest for well-being resonates with one of the foundations of life in Asia, deeply rooted in the traditions of each culture.

So it’s through the practices of yoga, Tai Chi or Gi Gong, the various massage techniques or even treatments with essential oils, that Vietnam, full of SPAs, courses and meditation circles, reveals itself…


A yoga retreat in the calm of a beautiful house

Yoga is one of the six schools of Indian āstika philosophy, the aim of which is liberation (moksha). Through meditation, asceticism and physical exercises, this discipline aims to achieve the unification of the physical, mental and spiritual aspects of the human being. With a strong presence in Vietnam, the Indian community spreads its culture through perfectly trained Vietnamese staff (contact us for more information).

The Maison’s advice – Early morning is the best time!

A massage session among the lotuses

Three countries in Asia are emblematic of the massage culture (India, Bali and Japan), and Vietnam is another. Here, the masseur uses a variety of techniques, such as palm and thumb pressure, kneading, vibration, percussion and stretching, to release muscular tension and promote prolonged relaxation. In addition, many other techniques are offered in SPAs, including Ayurvedic and shiatsu treatments (contact us for more information).

The Maison’s advice – The 90-minute 4-hand massage.

Essential oils from the village of Tra Quê

The uses of fragrant plant substances have been known since ancient times, first in Egypt for pharmacopoeia and embalming, then in China and India. From the herbal medicine known to all civilisations to modern aromatherapy, essential oils are still mainly used for therapeutic and cosmetic treatments. At the crossroads of many influences and ancestral know-how, Vietnam is a country where many varieties of aromatic herbs grow. The village of Tra Quê owes its reputation to the cultivation of many fragrant herbs. Ngoc Anh , a young chemist with a passion for this field, is developing a dozen essential oils there, including coriander, chives and ginger.

The Maison’s advice –  Share Ngoc Anh’s experience through an exciting workshop.